While P31 Enterprises, Inc. may have a youthful incorporation date of 2016, our roots grow deep and wide extending back to the early 1970s.


Our founding

P31 Enterprises, Inc. was founded by a group of women connected to the logging industry for decades.  Made up of wives, daughters, and sisters, all are bound together by a respect for the industry, a passion for the land, a desire to serve, and a love for each other.  These women teamed up to create a woman-owned, family-owned, business to serve the needs of homeowners, businesses and utilities needing logging and timber removal services.  P31 Enterprises, Inc. is ISNetworld certified.  We are members of Associated California Loggers and North Coast Women in Timber.  P31 is now a Pacific Gas & Electric vendor.  We are recognized Licensed Timber Operators and are licensed as a Tree Service Contractor by the California Contractor's State License Board.

We have a network of affiliates that include: timber fallers, loggers, foresters, truckers, and arborists.  In addition we have long standing relationships with sawmills, biomass plants, debarking facilities, mastication services, chipping services, exporters and the United States Forest Service. 

We are currently adding more crews weekly as we tackle new projects in California.  Many of our crews are subcontracted to Phillips & Jordan's Disaster Recovery Group working to help communities stay safe by keeping Pacific Gas & Electric power lines free of dead trees and brush along the California side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  We have operations in full swing in Fresno, Mariposa, Madera, Tuolumne, Butte and Placer counties.  

In addition to protecting people's land from further devastation, we are bolstering local economies with a three-pronged approach: purchasing as much of our supplies locally as possible, hiring as many qualified local crew members as we can recruit, and making the local environment healthier day by day.

Thanks for the great job you did on our property. Everyone was really great and loved the two boys and the dogs. You exceeded our expectations in every way.
— Clint and Joyce Bassemier