Meet P31 Enterprises...


lori curtis, president

Lori has worked in the logging industry since 1995.  While her key skills are in management and finance, she is no stranger to the daily operations in the field.  From log truck driving to pulling green chain in a saw mill, mucking through the woods, to climbing all over loaders, Lori has had the opportunity to experience a range of what logging is all about.  Lori has a long standing relationship with the US Forest Service and before entering the logging industry spent over a decade working for the USGS in Flagstaff, Arizona.  She also knows the office end of the business like few people do.  Whether it is dealing with contracts, budgeting, payroll, writing grant applications or overseeing her amazing office staff Lori seeks to provide quality and integrity in all she does. Her desire to serve is evident in her ability to dig in and get the job done.

Christina Bamford, Corporate Secretary

Christina is a logging industry wife and mother of eight. She is a member of California Women in Timber and is deeply interested and concerned about the future and sustainability of our forests.  As a homeschooling mother of eight she has honed skills in networking, personnel management, negotiation, and organization. She looks forward to serving P31 Enterprises in these areas.

Joe williamson, resource manager

When Joe joined P31 the company recognized that progress was really being made.  In title Joe is our resource manager, and he comes with a long history in the logging and timber business.  Along with his experience in the field Joe is a certified arborist.  Having a certified arborist on staff provides an additional level of service to what P31 Enterprises has to offer.

When the natural resources of any nation become exhausted, disaster and decay in every department of national life follow as a matter of course. Therefore the conservation of natural resources is the basis, and the only permanent basis, of national success.
— Gifford Pinchot