Free wifi hotspots courtesy of comcast

Comcast has made local hotspots available for free, even to non-customers, during these difficult days in Butte County. These hotspots run from the Red Bluff area to the Yuba City/Marysville area.

A flyer about Comcast’s generosity can be accessed here: Xfinity Hotspots

For more information click their link at:

butte county community resources for evacuees of the camp fire

This handy pdf contains addresses, web links and other important details on where to go for a variety of invaluable resources as the Ridge communities seek to recover from the Camp Fire.

Butte County Community Resources

From our friends at Alliance for Workforce Develop comes that news that Business Owners who have lost their businesses on the Ridge as the result of the Camp Fire may be eligible for Unemployment Benefits through the EDD. Those owners are encouraged to apply with EDD to determine eligibility.